"My name is Marie Potter...service was very efficient Manan was on the ball all the time keeping me posted via phone and email and I was able to successfully have my tenant evicted and gain possession of my flat...Would highly recommend Fast Track Evictions for their services..."

Marie Potter - Croydon

I issued a notice myself and then I went to Court and it was wrongly done...I had to contact Manan from Fast Track and he did a brilliant job for me...service is excellent, brilliant I tell everybody go through Fast Track they do a brilliant service...no hassle, perfect job...I go the property back...use Fast Track if you have any tenant problems...

Mahesh Amin - Croydon

"I had a tenant who was not paying his rent...I needed to evict him as soon as possible but had no idea how to do that...I contacted Fast Track by email and they got back to me within hours. By the next day they had served notice to the tenant. 14 days later they applied to the County Court and a few days after the hearing the tenant was gone. It was my first time dealing with an eviction and Fast Track made it so easy...I would definitely recommend them and come back if I need...for sure"

Paulo Morais - London

"I recently used Fast Track Evictions. I can say I am very happy with their service, their prices and the way they dealt with everything. Very professional. Thank you very much, all sorted out, all done and dusted tenants have gone, Excellent service thank you very much"

Andre Mansi - Croydon

"Fast Track Evictions thank you very much they've gone. Your service was excellent. You answered the phone all the time, your responded to my post and we've achieved our goal they've moved out. Money well worth spent. Thank you again...I recommend you to anyone who wants to use your service."

Daniel Carty - Birmingham

" Just want to say that Manan and his team were absolutely excellent with their services from Fast Track Evictions. I had a tenant who stopped paying...phoned up Manan and he just dealt with it all. Didn't have to do anything made it so easy highly recommended..."

Sultan Ahmed - Wokingham

"This is a big thank you to Fast Track Evictions for their professional and quick service! We finally got the keys back today to our property. So after a good clean up we can now re-let the property. Once again thank you very much to you and your team."

Jason Stewart - Leicester

"Fast track evictions have been endlessly impressive.  It is a stressful business, evicting a tenant and at every point the staff were patient, attentive and informative and got the job done! I would highly recommend them"

Alexandra Jose - London

"I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help Fast Track Evictions seems to have done an excellent job...very helpful and courteous and have done a good job a the County Court we are looking forward to taking back possession of our property and thanks again for all of your help"

Andrew Brown - Oxford

"I have been meaning to let you know I now have access to my property thank you for your helpful service I do appreciate the support and if needed in the future I will definately give you a shout. Once again thank you very much" 

Everton Forbes 

"Hi my name is Alred and I am from Croydon.  We have habve been using the Fast Track Evictions team for our case they have been very helpful and supportive.  They issues our section 8 notice and arranged representation in court. They are very helpful their lawyer was very organised. I just want to thank you again...thanks very much"

Alfred Zeka - Croydon

"Court hearing went like a dream. The Judge commented that your court pack was the best presented set of documents that he had ever seen. Your advocate on the day was excellent !! I will certainly tell my friends about your professional service and the local Landlords Association"

Robert Cadman

"I just wanted to thank you very much for your support with my problem tenant...it has been a very stressful time for me but with your professional help and guidance you have made me feel at ease and I have found you very easy to talk to, you certainly know your stuff. The court appearance went very well your advocate was brilliant! I have now been granted a possession order...I would definately recommend Fast Track Evictions to anyone"

Rosemary Puchowski - Bristol

"Just to let you know I have checked the property today and the tenant has gone after receiving your section 8 notice. Very many thanks to the Fast Track Evictions Team for a swift conclusion to my problem. I have passed your details to a friend of mine who is in a similar situation. Well done Fast Track Evictions and thank you once again"

Christine Mclaine - Blackpool

Prity Kapdee - London

"Fast Track Evictions took care of the process of evicting my tenants and saved me the stress and time of having to handle this myself. The advocate they provided for the court case was exceptional. I would not have won the case without his support."

Caroline Baker

"Huge thank you to the Fast Track Evictions team. I have been granted possession of my property today. Advocate who represented me on the day of the court hearing was very professional, efficient and brilliant. I would definitely recommend their service to all my family and friends. Thank you again for your guidance, fast, efficient and very professional service."


"Good day we have received the order for possession from the County Court at Lewes. Thank you for help in this matter. We appreciate your professional work and service. Thank you for your brilliant job! In the future if we every need your eviction services we will be more than happy to work with you again!"

Marika Slare

"I would like to say a BIG thank you all at Fast Tract Eviction for the exemplary professional service which was noted even by the judge who presided over the case when we went to court. I was assisted every step of the way up to the court hearing and it was good to know that I had support. I would highly recommend Fast Track to anyone looking for a swift eviction of bad non-paying tenants. Avoid the DIY approach and get expert advice!"

Bibiane Chimpampwe

"I am very pleased to say that yesterday my tenants brother handed over the keys and vacated and I have the keys to the property. Thank you very much for your help with everything so happy and relieved."

Elias Kayal

"Thank you so much for your valuable support in getting possession of my flat. Especially thanks to Manan. Who was my main contact. I found them very helpful with good down to earth advice on points that I had not even thought of. I would not hesitate to use them again if the need arose."

Christine Baker

"We were very impressed by the response on the first three letters you arranged. One has vacated the property and 2 have made payments. You have been added to our preferred partners list and we will be using you again in the near future" 

Anthony - ALP Property Management Rent Smart Wales Licenced Letting Agents Aberystwyth

"Thanks...can confirm they have left picked up keys today. Annoyed I didn't go through you guys 5 months ago! Thanks a lot!" 

Johnny Messengerr

"Sorry for the delay in getting back to you with an update. The tenants have paid all the outstanding rent arrears and are currently £95 in arrears, and have agreed to pay the court fees of £325 on a monthly basis.Thank you for all your help in getting to this position with our tenants"

Kashmir Sinde

"I spoke to Fast Track Evictions for advice when our tenants told us they would not leave our property.  I don't mind saying that I was panicking, but I immediately felt reassured and Fast Track Evictions provided advice to me that was timely and without prejudice. Response time was super fast and they certainly know their stuff. I would not hesitate to engage Fast Track Evictions again and would recommend the services.  Fast and efficient, with no nonsense."

Sarah Russell

"Thank you very much for your kind help . Tenants have left the house . If I or anybody else need your help I will definately recommend you . Once again thank you so much."

Saj Butt

"I am very pleased to say that today my tenant has vacated and I have the keys to the property. Thank you very much for your help in this matter."

Jane Bennet

"I contacted Fast Track Evictions after a failed eviction. I was put in contact with the Evictions manager who was very helpful and guided me through the process, even giving me advice on my mistakes perviously. As we progressed it turned out I didn't need the services of Fast Track Evictions but I was still offered advice and help. We agreed a small fee and concluded our business. I would heartily recommend the services of Fast Track Evictions and if we need to carry out another eviction I will come back to Fast Track Evictions."

Rob T. (I T properties)

"Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Fast Track Evictions, I had been having trouble with my tenant for well over a year with not paying the rent. I contacted Fast Track Evictions and received full payment of outstanding rent that was overdue within two weeks. Really cannot thank you enough for your fast, efficient and attention to detail service I received"

Devon Mills

"I can confirm tenants left property. Thank you very much."

Mindaugas Gaudiesius

“Eviction notice served and tenants left within 24 hours.....thank you very much!!”

K Anwayll 

“My tenant paid up in full. Thank you for your support”

M Stoddart 

“Thank you for your help.   I'm delighted to report that the Tenant has gone”

C Madeley 

“Thank you Fast Track Evictions you've saved me a headache and I got very nice service.”

Donna Smith

“Thank you so much for your help and support. I think things may be resolving and my tenants are going to get back on track with payments, arrears and future. We will see. If not you will hear from me again!”

Christina McCausland

“Thank you for your help. My tenant has vacated the property after receiving your notice to quit letter.”

Jacqueline Purseglove

“When I've needed assistance Fast Track Evictions has come to the rescue - and in the time takes me to make a simple query online - about 30 seconds. Well done Fast Track Evictions”


“I can’t thank you enough for all the support and help you provided in helping me evict my problem tenant. Great team would definitely recommend to all!

Josh Harnett 

“Fast Track Evictions has always been very helpful with my enquiries. Many thanks.”

Gary Lindsay 

“Yes the tennant left the premises as soon as the section 8 was delivered to him. Thank you for your help! Much appreciated. I’ve given your details to a friend who is in a similar situation, come highly recommended from myself.”

Steven Wilding

“Many thanks to you and your Team - yes, the Section 8 Notice did the trick!  But I will keep you on file for any future problems - and I will pass your excellent service to all my Landlord friends, just in case! Thanks again.

John Watson
“This is to thank you for all your support, I got a phone call from you to state that we now have a possession date.”   


“I just wanted to say a big 'Thank you' to you for evicting my tenants. They finally vacated the property the first week in September. I apologise for not contacting you sooner but I have been busy getting the property back up to scratch. Thank you once again.” 

Sam Wilkinson

"My son checked the property today...the tenant has left and the keys handed in...thanks for your help"

Ken Seecharran